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Pine Trees

Pine Tree in Kashmir

The scientific name of Pine tree is genus Pinus. The tree is generally sun-loving and relatively shade-intolerant.

Kashmir abounds with the pine trees. This evergreen conifer tree has dense branches and produces long dark needles. The pine tree is grown in both urban and rural areas. It also does well in a variety of soils and is very hardy. In a young tree, the spreading branches form a pyramidal structure. During the mature phase, the tree achieves a picturesque flat topped outline.

Pine trees are very popular. In recent years, this class of trees has becoming very popular with those who plant for ornament.

The soft dark green needles are 6-10 inches long. These are arranged in bundles of three. Cones are 3 to 5 inches long. This evergreen conifer tree thrives in full sun and poor soil, and it is one of the tallest and most important timber pines in Kashmir.

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