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Hangul - Kashmir Stag

Hangul The Hangul or Kashmir Stag is an endangered species of Red Deer found in Jammu and Kashmir, India. This large deer can be seen in the Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary in Srinangar in Kashmir on tours with Kashmir Hub. The Hangul or Kashmir Stag is characterized by the spreading antlers of the adult male and its rich brownish red coat.

Zoological name: Cervus elaphus hanglu

Range: The Hangul or Kashmir Stag can be seen in the Dachigam National Park in Jammu and Kashmir on wildlife tours with Kashmir Hub. The Hangul lives in grassy and forested hill slopes of Jammu and Kashmir. These wild deer can also be seen in large herds in the Wardwan Valley, In the Gurez, Bhaderwah, Kishtwar and Talail regions.

Appearance and behavior: The Hangul is a large deer and the male deer have impressive antlers. The female Hangul do not have horns. The color of the Hangul's coat is a brownish red, which is why it is also called Red Deer, however this color can vary with the season and age of the Hangul. In an older Hangul the coat is a dark brown. Male Hangul stags have long hair along their necks, while female stags do not.

Herds of Hangul or Kashmir stags can be seen along the higher slopes of the Dachigam Wildlife sanctuary in Srinagar. Hangul are usually seen in family groups. The male deer battle with their antlers to control a herd that consists of female deer and their young. The herd is lead by the dominant stag. Hangul are active during the day when they are seen grazing along the slopes of the Dachigam wildlife sanctuary. The herd huddles together in a group at night, for warmth and for protection against predators.

Population: The Hangul is severely endangered. The Hangul population in the Dachigam Wildlife sanctuary is believed to be around 550. The total number of Hangul elsewhere in Jammu and Kashmir is unknown. You can see the impressive Hangul or Kashmir Stag in the Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary in Jammu and Kashmir. on Kashmir wildlife tours with Kashmir Hub.

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